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When starting on your first experience of online gaming the very first question you should ask is am ”I really able to enjoy online gaming without it becoming an addiction? If you have a real addictive personality, you may well be best to walk away. Assuming you have the power to control gambling and want to enjoy it, and then you need to find a site that you are most comfortable with. The best way to do this is to spend a few hours researching the big licensed sites and comparing the games and the payouts.

It would also be very useful to ask people in the online gambling forums to give you advice on the site they like to use and why?

The biggest question after that is how much I can afford to gamble and set a limit. Do not go over that limit or you have proven to yourself, you are not in total control right at the start.

Ask yourself, which games best suits your skills and enjoyment. As playing a game you do not really enjoy is a waste of time and money.

Should I look for a playing bonus

Bonuses are offered at many stages during an online gaming experience, mostly at the very start up or sign up on the site. The idea is to offer you free money and free games. These you will use up and then continue to play normally. Other bonuses will appear during a game. Most probably when you are feeling it is time to quit. The free bonus, will let you play a little longer and get you back into the game. Of course, whether you win or lose is down to a lot of luck, but the offering of bonuses is strategic in keeping you playing.

Therefore, the most popular form of bonus is one that can be claimed without the need to deposit any of the player's own money - known as a no deposit bonus and are used as tools by casinos wishing to attract new players. No deposit bonuses don't always take the form of real cash they can be free games.

Should I team up with my friends and play

Gambling with friends can be a great social event, but sometimes when money is involved, it can turn into friends becoming enemies and at the end of the day, only one person can make a decision on the next card or move. If you leave every move to sort of friends committee, then it is most probably not going to work. There is a big difference in playing with friends for fun and playing with those same friends online with unknown gamblers playing it for real.

If there is a consensus of who has the final say and there is no argument, then having your friends advise you is OK. But, the buck must stop with you.

The other scenario is that you are playing online with your friends, well, that’s fair as it is more or less the same as playing in a room together, the only change would be that you are most probably playing with other unknown players at the same time. That straight away changes the feel of the game for you and your friend.

Playing alone has its disadvantages, but every win is down to you. Every right move is down to you.

Should I join forums..

The online gaming forums are excellent places to learn about new sites and game play and to find people who can really help you with the play. The beauty of most forums is that the people there are offering advice and knowledge, and although there will be a few people there trying to give out false information; in the main it is a place where everybody helps each other.

It is always a good idea going into the forums with a false ID. Asking questions about a game and giving your ID could give an advantage, another player who will begin to access your weaknesses.

Forums also speak about other issues from gambling addiction to general chit chat. It can be a place where you meet future friends, but always be careful about giving personal information out in public forums.

Once you ask many questions in forums, be sure to start answering questions for the newbie’s. This gives you credence and a voice. In other words, it gets you to be a recognised source.

Should I sign up for news letters...

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch about special promotions and events coming up, and can be a very useful way of hearing about other players and their success. But, apart from that they may have a limited value to an online gambler.

The newsletters from the online casinos are only there to hook you into another game or event. The news would be limited, and it is probably nothing you could not get from the site that is assuming you are still going to the site, if not yet again the newsletter is the company’s way of attracting you back to the game.

Newsletters that may be more beneficial would come from sites that talk about the industry and do not get sponsored by any particular organisation. Here you can learn about changes to the law and changes to credit. This is more vital and will introduce you to other like minded people. The newsletter from these sort of sites or forums are more likely to be more informative than to be a selling device of any kind.