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Playing International Casinos Online

International Casinos are hugely popular as the thought of playing with international players throughout all the time zones are a huge buzz for online gamblers. However, which international sites do you go to, without having the fear that you will be ripped off or in trouble with authorities?

International online casinos are best searched out by checking that they are licensed in their own countries and they are legal entities with legal backing. It is common knowledge that the most trusted international online casinos include the following countries.

UK, SPAIN, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, DENMARK, TURKEY, SWITZERLAND and DENMARK. Of course local knowledge and experience carries a lot of weight, and it would always be best to contact fellow players through the forums to find trusted sites where international online gaming is played properly and safely.

Many US Players are concerned about the number of online casinos that have closed their doors to residents of the USA. Sites that take USD do not necessarily accept US Players due to US anti-gambling legislation. There are rogue casino operators out there so be careful!

How do I pay - Using Your Credit or Debit Card

If you want to gamble and you have a payment method, then online gambling will accept nearly any form of guaranteed payment. The quickest and safest would be to use the credit card, although where possible use the well known credit cards and not some cards that cannot be used internationally. The Visa and Mastercard payment systems are extremely trustworthy and if for any reason the card companies have bad information on the site you are paying they may well stop the money going through for your safety. Of course, they will also stop it if you are near your limit and are making too many payments in a short space of time.

The good online sites will always use an encrypted system and this will also show in the URL as shttp and It is NOT advisable to make credit card payments over the phone.

Debit cards are easy to use, but again make sure you trust the company taking the money and remember in all cases to ensure you are only making ONE payment and not signing up to REPEAT payments. Many Casinos will accept PayPal when linked to a credit card, the reasoning here is that if you have been accepted and verified by PayPal and a credit card you are not a risk to the casino and in most cases your money is guaranteed and free from fraud.

How do I become a professional player

The skill and knowledge needed to become a successful casino player is down to spending 1000s of hours in the game and talking and watching professionals already at their highest. Would luck play a part in it? Yes, of course it does, but also the ability to stop when you are ahead and to always be fresh and ready. No one does a good job at anything if they are tired or drunk. Being a professional at anything means you set yourself goals and aims and you stay focused.

Learn to play in small games offline and gain a reputation locally and make that grow by talking to players on the forums. Let people online know about you and even maybe set up a Facebook account or even a website. Get your name known. Being somebody that stands out will move you into bigger games and the higher the profile, the more respected and professional you will appear to your peers.

The number of wins is important, so do not just go for the big games. Win smaller games and many of them; make that a table on your site, displaying wins and not necessarily winnings. More than anything else, gambling requires focus and concentration.

This means that once you are at the table you can’t think about work problems, your child’s homework or the mortgage that is due. When gambling, your mind and your eyes should only be focused on the hand that has been dealt to you.

Who are the top ten legal gaming companies online

The answer to this can be like saying which your top ten films of all time are. It changes through experience and when something better comes along it moves into your top ten and something has to drop out.

Also, it will depend on your preferred game and your geographical location and your internet connection speed. But as a rule of thumb the following companies come up as best online gaming in many surveys.

Guts Casino  |   GoWild Casino  |   EnergyCasino  |   Thrills Casino   |  Red Flush Casino  |   BetVictor Casino  |   Slots Magic Casino  |   |   Wild Jackpots Casino  |   William Hill Casino

Again, bear in mind if you are talking about novice, experienced, master or ease of use of the site. All of these will bring different results, but the above sites often appear in the favourite sites of online gamblers and are all well known and licensed operators in the industry.

Who are the top ten unlicensed companies

There are literally thousands upon thousands of unlicensed online casino websites on the internet, and have no doubt about it they are dangerous. They may entice you in with the offer of free money and get you hooked, but they do not need to play by the rules of the casinos that are properly licensed. That license protects them and you.

Unlicensed sites seem to be very dominated by Russia and Bulgaria and many Eastern Block countries. The truth is that many of the unlicensed companies bring in thousands upon thousands of paying customers and operate for a few months and go. When they go they take your money and how are you as an individual going to chase anyone that operates an unlicensed, therefore illegal gambling site. The responsibility is yours to choose a licensed site.

Many European countries, including Sweden and Bulgaria are actively trying to shut down unlicensed sites and around a 100 have been closed in 2015 with more on the list. The sites are not trustworthy and although look great and promise everything, they are a time bomb waiting to destroy your bank account.