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What is a Casino Online

Do you remember some of those James Bond films where 007 is playing in the big Casinos in Nevada? The place is full of hundreds of gaming machines that are full of people sitting there pulling levers and pressing buttons, and all hoping that the next coin will bring in a winner. Remember, it is always the next turn that is the winner.

These luxury Casinos are full of super rich people at the tables, spending and losing a fortune. Smoke, alcohol and hangers on and the Casino watching every move you make.

The Online Casino brings you the ability to play the game with other people without you having to travel and spend a fortune on hotel and bar bills. This is where you use your skills against other players, and without outlaying $1000s upfront. This is where you can play as long as you want and spend to your limit without being coerced by the flashing lights and drinks of the real Casino atmosphere. In short, this is where you play the game for real, but without the expensive trimmings. When you win online you win the cash without all those expenses. It is a WIN WIN.

Are casinos online legal

Different countries around the world treat online Casinos differently, but in the main these online Casinos are legal. In the U.S. there NO federal law against online gambling. Some States have their own laws about online gambling, but these are very rarely enforced and would be too expensive to do so and difficult to prove.

It's against federal law for a site to take the bets, not for you to place them. Federal law doesn't specifically allow or prohibit sites from taking casino or poker bets, just other sports bets. Casino and Poker is NOT classed as a sport. For many years the Dept. of Justice interpreted the Wire Act to prohibit sites from taking casino and poker bets too, but most legal observers disagreed, and in Dec. 2011 the DoJ finally agreed that the Wire Act doesn't prohibit sites from taking casino and poker bets.

In Singapore, their parliament passed amendments to its Casino Control Act, but there was no single provision dealing with online casinos. The government, however, notes that plans to review the regulatory framework in the near future.

In China land-based gambling is permitted, but in Macau only, however Macau remains closed to online gambling. No online gambling is allowed in Japan, where gambling is generally banned, with the exception of certain sport betting activities and lotteries.

Who can play

Of course, if you have no money and no access to money you cannot play in an online Casino. But, assuming you have a credit card or PayPal and any other legitimate means of entering a game, and then as usual money speaks.

When you register for an online casino, you are required to agree to the site's terms and conditions. Finding out whether or not gambling is legal where you live is your responsibility. You must obey age limits in your locality. If online gambling is illegal in your area, and you win money, your winnings could be later taken back.

There are 70 countries that allow online gambling sites to set up shop, including Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and some provinces of Canada.The list changes and are subject to interpretation and your local ISP rules. Whatever the rules where you live, the chance of being fined is very remote, and that is the very reason that online gaming is such a huge money spinner worldwide.

The gambling operators have to ensure that policies and procedures are implemented for responsible gambling and to protect minors. The terms and conditions of each online casino need to clearly specify that gambling is prohibited for minor players and the gambling operators must ensure that these websites are not being used by underage people.

Why US players are generally not allowed to play from the USA

On 2011, the US government took control of the Pokerstars along with several other US Poker sites. Pokerstars - owned by Entertainment Enterprises Limited - cut a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice in order to get their domain name back. They were back online very quickly, but from that day forward they blocked Americans from their real money poker tables. They also refunded all balances to American players.

Pokerstars chose to block US players because they wanted to get in the DOJ's good graces in hopes that they could legally return to the US market one day.

Their competitor Party Poker is now already back in the state of New Jersey. Pokerstars real money gambling USA advocates have been pushing for the states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware to open up to Poker Stars. Many USA states are planning on legalizing Internet poker and real money casino gambling in 2016. So there will likely be Pokerstars United States real money players in at least a few states by the end of the year. When Poker Stars comes back to the USA it will likely be on a state by state basis.

You must legally reside outside of the United States to hold a real money account at Pokerstars.